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I read a lot of everything. Mostly fantasy and sci-fi, or speculative fiction or Slipstream or New Weird or whatever we're calling it now, some comics, some literary fiction, mysteries, la dee da. And...well. I do like a kissin' book.
Unlacing the Innocent Miss - Margaret McPhee I expected not to care much about this one, but it turned out to be one of the best in the Silk & Scandal series. The hero and heroine are both complex and well-drawn. The conflicts that come up to block their romance seem far less contrived than the usual romance novel fare, and they deal with them in ways that are mostly intelligent and not maddening. And I do love a good abduction story, and this one has plenty of grumbling and growling and threatening to truss a lady and throw her over the back of a horse, etc. The sex scenes are well-written and unobtrusive, if a bit snoozy.This book feels a little detached from the main series mystery, but has a supplemental one that is very nicely plotted. The secondary villain is very slimy indeed, and managed to get me to second-guess my initial suspicion of him several times before revealing himself. Overall, it's a great standalone and a worthy entry in the series.