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I read a lot of everything. Mostly fantasy and sci-fi, or speculative fiction or Slipstream or New Weird or whatever we're calling it now, some comics, some literary fiction, mysteries, la dee da. And...well. I do like a kissin' book.
The Viscount and the Virgin (Harlequin Historical) - Annie Burrows Easily my least favorite of the Silk and Scandal series, which is quite good overall. The hero begins the story as a complete jerk, and doesn't make it much farther than well-meaning idiot by the end. The heroine seems like she could have been fun, but she's so easily beaten down and confused that it's hard to appreciate her wit and sense of adventure. The both of them spend so much time misunderstanding each other and doing irrational things that it's more than a bit annoying when everything is fixed by the two of them taking a couple of pages to just STATE THEIR FEELINGS, which they could have been doing all along.The sex is incredibly boring, which is a fault of the entire series--it feels like we're reading the same snoozy love scenes again and again, only with different names and hair/eye colors. This was the book where I started skimming them. I know it's a Harlequin Historical, and I shouldn't have expected too much heat, but sheesh. Change it up a little!Still, it was nice to see Stephen/Stephano again and get a bit more of his perspective. Definitely whetted my appetite for book 8! And it's short enough and has enough movement on the series' overarching mystery that I didn't feel I had wasted my time on it.