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I read a lot of everything. Mostly fantasy and sci-fi, or speculative fiction or Slipstream or New Weird or whatever we're calling it now, some comics, some literary fiction, mysteries, la dee da. And...well. I do like a kissin' book.
The Spellman Files - Lisa Lutz This one was my fault, for not really researching the book before I started it. I thought I was reading a mystery, but it was actually chick lit.As far as chick lit goes, though, it's not bad. The characters are satisfyingly complex, even if I didn't find any of them very likable (except Rae & Inspector Stone). The story focuses much more on family dynamics than romance, which is refreshing--and a relief, in this case, because the primary romance has zero heat. It's also very funny, and that'll keep me going through almost anything.My biggest beef is with the pacing. The book drags pretty badly in the middle, and the "mystery" is not even a little compelling. It's not a mystery novel, but still. I almost put it down and didn't come back, which would have been a shame because the last third is probably the strongest part of the book!