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I read a lot of everything. Mostly fantasy and sci-fi, or speculative fiction or Slipstream or New Weird or whatever we're calling it now, some comics, some literary fiction, mysteries, la dee da. And...well. I do like a kissin' book.
Fallen - Lauren Kate Really, you guys? Four stars?This is a very thinly veiled Twilight rip-off that somehow manages to hit every single hallmark of crappy YA fiction. Stupid names? Check. Half-baked plot that's little more than an excuse for some lukewarm kissing scenes? Check. Dialogue that sounds like your grandmother's idea of how kids these days talk? Check. Passive, unlikable Mary Sue protagonist? Arrogant, high-handed love interest whose idea of protecting someone mostly consists of lies and emotional abuse? Check PLUS. The only people in this book I'd want to be friends with are the bad guys.It's a quick read, but that's about all it's got going for it.