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I read a lot of everything. Mostly fantasy and sci-fi, or speculative fiction or Slipstream or New Weird or whatever we're calling it now, some comics, some literary fiction, mysteries, la dee da. And...well. I do like a kissin' book.
It's in His Kiss - Julia Quinn What an adorable book! Hyacinth is my favorite Bridgerton, now and forever. It doesn't hurt that she's made an appearance in every book thus far, and I started this one feeling like I already knew her. And Lady Danbury is, of course, the best! I couldn't get enough of their snarking over Miss Butterworth. Hilarious. And Gareth's misbehavior at the "recitation," oh my god. Hilarious!The chapter introductions are very cute, and the book strikes just the right balance between humor and feeeeeelings. When I wasn't giggling, I was busy relating to Hyacinth's insecurities, or wanting to pet Gareth's hair. I even teared up once or twice, and I'm a very cynical reader indeed. So everything you need in a kissing book, really, and the last line is just perfect. It's fun to watch Quinn's writing get stronger and stronger as the series goes on. I'd recommend this one!